Working Together with Realtors

When home inspectors and real estate agents understand and trust one another to serve our shared client, we are capable of helping a lot of people. We're both here to see that home buyers have the guidance they need to make knowledgeable and informed decisions on what is probably the biggest purchase of their lives.

As inspectors, we are committed to this goal, which is why agents enjoy working with us so much. .

As a real estate agent, you want these things in a home inspector: 

  • The ability and equipment to deliver an entirely thorough and objective inspection.

  • The determination to be accurate in presenting problems.

  • The capacity to convey findings in a way that the buyer knows when something is a big problem and when it isn’t.

  • The integrity to show findings at the inspection are no different than what they put in their inspection report.

  • A report that is typed or done electronically and not illegible handwriting.

  • The capacity to deliver an inspection report in a timely manner.

We understand these needs and we will work to make sure our inspection is truthful, informative, and actionable.