Commercial Property Inspections

Most inspection companies aren't equipped to handle commercial property inspections because of their complex nature and the longer-term, investment-oriented nature of the transaction. But that's just another aspect of our services that makes us unique.


We conduct commercial inspections for apartment complexes, motels, office buildings, retail stores and warehouses. With a commercial real estate inspection, we're evaluating the life spans of the five major systems of the property: electrical, plumbing, heating and AC, roofing and structure.


While everything will be evaluated and documented thoroughly, our commercial inspections are typically focused more on the major systems than interior cosmetic issues because we understand the strategic mindset of the business owner and commercial property investor. For example, we understand that if the carpet is a bit worn in a commercial inspection, you want this information, but you're more interested in where you're going to have to spend money immediately or in the near future when taking possession of the property. 


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