Giving Truth to Buyers and Sellers

Home inspectors are seeking truth to ensure that we uncover everything about the property to ensure everything about its condition is known. If that means repairs or just awareness, it gives all parties involved an honest, thorough, objective evaluation of the property, its systems and components.

We are committed to safety and quality of a property. Often, sellers can be eager to sell a property and may overlook certain aspects of it that may need to be addressed. On the flip side, buyers can fall in love with a new home or business location, not as focused on the condition of certain systems or what the eye cannot see. 

Our highly trained and unbiased inspectors are here for exactly those reasons. Our only aim is honesty. Our sole mission is to serve objectively. Our goal is to bring integrity to the real estate process. 


Tips for Sellers Before the Inspection 

1. COMPLETE YOUR OWN WALK-THROUGH - Make sure the house is ready for inspection and that you're aware of any issues that may be obvious. 

2. PERFORM MINOR REPAIRS - Whatever you can do yourself, do it. Make sure all lightbulbs are changed and working, patch holes in drywall, and other things so that we can focus on bigger issues. 

3. PROVIDE ACCESS TO THE ENTIRE HOUSE - We will need to access attics, crawlspaces, closets, under sinks and other hard-to-reach areas. Make sure these areas are cleared and free to access. 

4. CHECK MAJOR APPLIANCES - Make sure all appliances are in working order or make repairs as needed.

5. GATHER RECEIPTS AND WARRANTIES - Having a paper trail of all home items, appliances, garage doors or other components is always a good idea to reference if something is found to not be in proper working order. 

6. INVESTIGATE TOILETS AND PLUMBING - Check your toilets, showers and sinks to ensure proper water flow, flushing, and draining. 

7. CHECK FOR MOLD AND MILDEW AND RECAULK BATHROOMS - Mold can be a major problem in a home inspection, so you don't want to be caught off guard with its presence. Recaulk areas around sinks, tubs and showers to ensure mold cannot find its way into bathrooms and kitchens.

8. CHANGE AIR-CONDITIONING AND HEATER FILTERS - Make sure these are changed to ensure proper airflow throughout the property.

9. TURN ON ALL UTILITIES - If you are not living at the property being inspected, make sure all utilities are operational.