About Us

Bradley Inspection Services was founded in 2004 by Bradley Yunker because he saw a need for a safety-minded, client-focused inspection company. Bradley is a licensed, certified and insured inspector with a strong knowledge of building design and safety. He also serves as a professional firefighter, which has strengthened his knowledge of structure and safety through advanced fire training. Designed with the client in mind and centered around safety and quality, his inspection service checks all systems from the roof to the foundation, searching for defective items, safety issues or any part of the property that is not in proper functioning condition. Our inspection service will help provide information for negotiating, and give you the peace of mind knowing your family is protected.

Safety Focused

As a professional firefighter, it's my sworn duty to protect the public from safety hazards and rescue those who have come in harm's way. I bring this same approach to inspecting homes and commercial buildings. Your home is your world and knowing that you are safe and secure there is a fundamental right.

Quality Driven  

A quality-driven inspection means that it will be an objective, truthful, thorough, non-intrusive visual examination of the property. We're looking for immediately present concerns, but also anything that could cause issues in the future. We've done our job when we have made everyone aware of the exact condition of the property and potential areas to be watchful of.

Client Centered

Our bias and our focus is on the client, with the safety and quality of your home or business property as our top priority. Our integrity is on the line with every inspection we do and it's critical that we get it right - every single time.